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Menski de Von

Devon Rex Cattery



You are on the site of the cattery Menski de Von. Menski de Von is a small, family run, in home Devon Rex cattery, located in Sopot, Poland.

Since April 2022, the cattery has moved from Belarus to Poland! But we still have two cats in co-ownership at home, so occasionally our kittens will be available for Belarus.

Our kittens live in our home underfoot and are well-socialized with adults, other cats and dogs.  My cats sleep with me in bed and move freely with our dog.

Kittens of the cattery live in Europe, Scandinavian, USA, Canada. 


Delivery at the buyer's expense, but we will help organize it.

Фелинологические курсы
Курсы фелинологов
WCF выставка

Dakota and Ellis at the WCF System Show.


My article on the trends in the development of the Devon Rex breed in the press of the magazine.

Сюжет о Девон-рексах

Menski de Von cattery presented the Devon Rex cat breed on ONT channel, one of the main channels of Belarus.

Our cattery is registered with the FIFe and  World Cat Federation (WCF) .  Cats of the cattery attend exhibitions, receive titles and awards.

I have a diminologist felinologist. I continue to develop through new seminars and courses. My articles were published in famous felinological publications: "Кошки.info", "Друг".


Here you can buy a kitten Devon Rex with good pedigree data and a good psyche.

Please go to the page of available kittens. Perhaps your kitten is waiting for you there!

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Menski de Von cattery Девон-рекс питомник
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